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Designer's Philosophy

Dr Ehab Ezzat, Designer

 Each creative designer should possess a special style characterizing his artistic dogma.  

Prof. Dr. Ehab Ezzat

During the formation of his artistic personality, Ehab Ezzat relied upon “three elements” classified into two main pivots, in order to realize his Interior Architecture projects.

First Pivot: The Scientific-Functional Side

The Designer’s tendency in distinguishing between functionality (based entirely on the scientific side), and aesthetics (resulting from the functionality’s success in planning a project) is the first of the three above - mentioned elements.

In order to support this tendency, the Designer made use of his Master Degree and PhD researches and created a database system capable to analyze the sequence of ideas coming up from studying a project (project analysis). Whenever needed, the Interior Architect can thus be provided with all necessary information to carry out a successful project from the functional side.

Second Pivot: The Creative Side of the Representationincluding the second and the third element

The second element is the Designer’s tendency towards the use of the three-dimensioned curved line (Wave) which adds a fourth dimension to the design: the dynamic sense.

The third element is the use of the embedded illumination in the realization of commercial projects and their façades.

This satisfies some conceptual and functional purposes, such as:

  • Adding a fifth dimension to the design, able to offer new elements to the designer so as to increase his creative ability.
  • Capturing the attention of the consumer to the commercial project.
  • Turning a flat and dim commercial area into a piece of art subliming the aesthetic sense.
  • Solving some aesthetic and functional problems.

meta d. concepts is an Egyptian consultant office founded in 1989 by PhD Ehab Ezzat.

Meta d. concepts was established as a consulting and contracting office, responsible for distinguished architectural projects. These projects are designed by our most skillful engineers with special philosophy. With this philosophy we had the opportunity to change the architectural concept and to create new criteria in the building design...

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